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Yoga...The Mystery Revealed I/II(Workshop)

Finally, Yoga that is also for the non-yoga instructor. This workshop will benefit instructors or trainers with existing classes and clientele who would like to incorporate the benefits of Yoga's concepts and exercises into their sessions, as well as anyone interested in starting a personal Yoga practice.  Non-instructors who want to gain an overall deeper understanding of Yoga are also encouraged to attend this workshop. 


Topics covered during Yoga Workshop

* Learn 5 different types of Yoga, what differentiates them, benefits of each style, and how to incorporate them into one comprehensive session or into another type of workout (hi-lo, kickbox, mat pilates, etc). 
* Learn proper alignment for basic through intermediate postures in Hatha Yoga. 
* Learn proper breathing mechanics as well as several breathing techniques. 
* Learn about the philosophy and history of Yoga, and the benefits and methods of meditation. 
* Learn teaching techniques through supervised practice including sequencing, verbal, visual, and hands on cueing.

International Training Team


Eversley Forte


Susan Viar


Kit von Blerk


Sharlene Franke


Kimberly Manning


Frank Navarro


We have over 30 trainers nationally and internationaly



Presenter Spotlight:

Marlaina Vance developed the Yoga program for BTSF and will present Yoga, Mat Pilates and Stability Ball Workshops.

Marlaina Vance has studied and practiced Yoga since the 1970's in addition to her professional dance career. In 1992 Marlaina graduated from GSU with a degree in physical therapy and was also certified with ACE as a personal trainer that same year. During the last 10 years she has deepened her practice and expertise by getting additional certifications, licenses, and advanced trainings in Trager (a mind/body approach to therapy), Yoga, Older Adult Fitness, Pilates, Stability Ball, Science of Mind, and Massage & Esthetics. Her dedication to holistic health both personally and professionally makes her classes an education as well as a workout. She has been a favorite instructor at Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health since 1996 and been a guest on television and radio in Atlanta, GA.

Marlaina has studied a wide variety of styles of Hatha Yoga. Her classes attract people with a range of goals including: graceful aging, gaining body symmetry, improving posture, improving balance, stress reduction, increasing strength or flexibility, injury prevention for Fire Fighters, rehabilitation from physical injuries, surgery, or chronic problems such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid problems, and back pain.

Training Team:


For additional information on the Nia Workshops, Aquatic Workshops, Stability Ball Trainings, Cardio Athletic Kickbox Video Series, Kickbox Certifications and Workshops, Master Classes, Mat Pilates, Yoga or Group Cycling Workshops,  the BTSF Training Team, hosting a training, or for any other information, please contact Behind The Scenes Fitness:

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Behind the Scenes Fitness is recognized by the American Council on Exercise as a Continuing Education Specialist.




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For ALL training questions call 408-244-4895 or Click here to contact BTSF

Mat Pilates Workshops (MPI & MPII)

Aqua Workshop (AQ)

Pilates on the Ball (PB)

Kickbox Workshop and Certification (KC & KW)

Kickbox Master Class (KMC)

NIA - Non Impact Aerobics (NIA)

Stability Ball Workshop (BW)

Group Cycling Workshop (CY)

Yoga Workshops (YW)






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