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Kickbox Instructor Training (Certificate) and Workshop:

International Training Team

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Eversley Forte


Susan Viar


Kit von Blerk


Sharlene Franke


Kimberly Manning


Frank Navarro



 We have over 20 trainers in the USA and internationally



For the Cardio Athletic Kickbox Instructor Training (Certificate), participants will be required to demonstrate and describe (practical and written) the proper form and alignment for each of the kicks, punches and footwork. They will also be asked to identify movements that can contribute to knee, lower back, or other Cardio Kickbox related injuries and be able to show alternatives or corrections to those movements. The training focuses on understanding and applying the concepts, as opposed to "anatomical terminology". 

The Kickbox Instructor Training includes the Kickbox Choreography Workshop as described below.



The "Kick It Up a Notch" workshop is geared to group exercise instructors and personal trainers who already teach a kickboxing or circuit training workout and are looking for new ideas and intermediate/advanced choreography to incorporate into their classes or personal training sessions. Written and practical exams are not required in the Kick It Up a Notch workshop.


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The Kickboxing Fitness book provides a broad overview of this fitness modality and serves as an excellent foundation for anyone interested in expanding their teaching expertise in this area. This book provides the specific knowledge to teach safe and effective kickboxing fitness classes.  Kickboxing Fitness discusses both equipment-based and non-equipment-based kickboxing classes, and includes specific information on how to modify movements based on floor surface or participants’ skill levels. The book also includes pictures showing exercises and stretches.

[1st Edition, 2000; ix+96 pp; 6x9 inches; softbound; includes photos and illustrations]

The Kickboxing Fitness manual is available for purchase when registering for kickbox workshops or certifications.


For additional information on the Seniors and In-Home Personal Training Workshops, Aquatic Workshops, Stability Ball Trainings, Cardio Athletic Kickbox Video Series, Kickbox Training, Master Classes, Mat Pilates, Yoga or Group Cycling Workshops,  our trainers, hosting a training, or for any other information, please contact Behind The Scenes Fitness:

Click here to contact BTSF

Behind the Scenes Fitness is recognized by the American Council on Exercise as a Continuing Education Specialist.


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Download Training Brochure 

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Training Dates and Locations

Prices/Registration Form



Home Study Continuing Education


Mat Pilates Workshops (MPI & MPII)

Aqua Workshop (AQ)

Pilates on the Ball (PB)

Kickbox Workshop and Certification (KC & KW)

In-Home Personal Training (IHPT)

Seniors Exercise Instruction (SEI)

Get On The Ball Workshop (BW)

Group Cycling Workshop (CY)

Yoga Workshops (YW)

For ALL training questions call 408-244-4895 or Click here to contact BTSF



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