San Jose, Calif., August 15, 2003 - Eversley Forte, President of BTSF, is setting new standards for fitness instructors, personal trainers and home video workouts in the Cardio Athletic Kickbox® Total Body Home Workout Video Series, and training programs for Pilates, Kickboxing, Stability Ball, Group Cycling, and Aquatics. 


Expect a BTSF certification or workshop to be packed with a heavy duty dose of “stuff” you can actually use in your group exercise classes, personal training sessions or home workouts.  The international team of trainers are required to be specialists in the certifications or workshops they present, and will provide individualized tips and corrections, options for different fitness levels, and instructional techniques.


The Cardio Athletic Kickbox Video Series was seen on NBC, CBS, FOX, MTV and VH1. It is an invigorating fat burning and muscle toning workout incorporating kicks, punches, elbows and knees used in martial arts and boxing together with effective athletic drills.  Safety tips, low impact and lower intensity options are given throughout the workout, which allow participants to "play hard" but also to "play safe".  This is important since the Cardio Athletic Kickbox videos are intended for “regular” people to use at home. 


In 1994, Eversley Forte first introduced the Cardio Athletic Kickbox workout in Northern California.  It is now taught throughout the United States, Europe and South Africa.  Ecofit, a Group Fitness Certification Organization with divisions in Germany and South Africa, has teamed up with BTSF to promote Cardio Athletic Kickbox in Europe.  A number of instructor courses were conducted in Germany, and Kit van Blerk, CEO of Ecofit, says "Many of the instructors who completed the Cardio Athletic Kickbox training, felt it safer and more fun than other kickbox training programs." Ecofit can be found at


“In the videos, Eversley delivers a great cardiovascular and fat burning workout while demonstrating great form and technique,” said Anne Wilde, Director of the South Bay Instructor Training School. 


Karen Clark, Group Exercise Director at Supreme Court 1 Athletic Club in Sunnyvale, CA said, “Eversley’s Cardio Athletic Kickboxing classes give our members the opportunity for a fun and challenging workout.  Eversley presents an exciting, quality class from start to finish.  He knows how to challenge the advanced students, keep beginning students involved, and enables everybody to have a good time in the process.”


BTSF was founded by Eversley Forte in 1994 and is recognized by the American Council on Exercise as a Continuing Education Specialist. For more information about Eversley Forte and the international training team, the Cardio Athletic Kickbox Videos and Workshops, Mat Pilates, Yoga, Aquatic Fitness, Group Cycling and Stability Ball Workshops throughout the United States and internationally, or tour dates, please call 408-244-4895 or visit




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