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Cardio Athletic Kickbox Instructor Series I video

"Lets Play Hard, but Lets Play Safe" is the theme of this challenging and energetic kickbox video. Backed by an adrenaline pumping music soundtrack, Eversley and his team take you through an intermediate/advanced workout which is taught as he would instruct his real life Master Classes. No punches are pulled and the format of Eversley's 'live' classes is maintained for the complete feel of the Cardio Athletic Kickbox workout. All combos are done from a fighting stance to create a more natural feel and flow.

----------------------------------------- By fitness reviewer Joan Price

This cardio kickboxing video is aimed at fitness instructors, trainers, and advanced exercisers. Eversley Forte first explains and demonstrates the moves you'll use in the workout, showing the correct form. Because the video is geared to instructors, he shows what can go wrong with each move as well as how to do it right. Forte and his team (men and women, all impressively competent and usually deadly serious) teach an intermediate-to-advanced workout using first hand-elbow combinations, then knee-kick combinations, progressively moving to more advanced routines and combinations. Forte doesn't just do the workout himself; he interacts with the other demonstrators and points out technique. One demonstrator shows low-impact and lighter-intensity variations throughout.

If you're a home exerciser using this as a workout, you'll sweat plenty and use muscles you didn't know you had. If you're an instructor or trainer, you'll learn both technique and choreography from a master instructor. This is a valuable video for anyone who enjoys cardio kickboxing and wants to improve technique while getting a hot workout at the same time. --Joan Price


The choreography in in this video is different from that presented at trainings and Master Classes, so expect a 'flood' of new ideas in this teriffic calorie and fat burning total body workout.

The video is approximately 57 minutes, VHS (Also available in PAL format).

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