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Cardio Athletic Kickbox® II - Play Hard, but Play Safe

Eversley Forte returns in "Cardio Athletic Kickbox II - Play Hard, but Play Safe," and is setting new standards for intermediate/advanced home kickboxing workouts. His contagious energy and enthusiasm will draw you into this workout. Perfect cueing and instruction allow beginners as well as more advanced exercisers to follow the challenging combinations.

Cardio Athletic Kickbox II (DVD or VHS) is ideal for 'regular' people who want to turn their home exercise session up a notch.

The DVD starts with a demo of the kicks and punches, proper form, and advice for injury prevention. The DVD is set up so you can easily go to the warmup, instructions on the moves and safety, or go directly to your favorite cardio workout segment. Cardio Athletic Kickbox II truly lives up to its theme of "Lets Play Hard, but Lets Play Safe®." Following the warmup, the video escalates into an aggressive, yet fun and entertaining workout incorporating boxing combinations, elbows, knees, multiple kicks, and athletic drills. Throughout the program, safety tips and correct form for various kicks and punches are given, along with options for low and moderate workout intensity. Eversley's style will be a refreshing change of pace and will motivate you to reach your goals!


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"Move over, Billy Blanks (of Tae-Bo fame), and make room for fitness instructor Eversley Forte's superior workout video..." (Click for more)




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