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1. Pilates On The Ball (DVD)

2. Mat Pilates I - Application and Execution (DVD)

3. Mat Pilates II - Sequencing and Transitions (DVD)







Pilates On The Ball(DVD)


The goal of this course (3 hour videotaped workshop on DVD) is to teach the pilates matwork using the ball.   Participants will focus on each mat exercise and learn how to keep the “idea” of Pilates while adding the ball.  Students taking this course need to have a prior understanding of the basic Mat Pilates  exercises. This home study is not intended to teach students the matwork but to enhance the students existing knowledge.  Combining the idea of Pilates and the dynamics of the ball is a new concept and can be enjoyed by anyone from the elite athletes to the beginner exerciser.  Form and modifications for all levels will be shown.  

 Topics covered


  • Learn proper form and safety on the ball

  • Learn how to incorporate the Mat Pilates exercises with the ball.

  • Learn how to modify the exercises for different populations.

  • Learn how to add a variety of ball exercises into other formats.

  • Learn how to keep the flow, concentration and control of Pilates with the ball


 ($39.00 includes 3 hr DVD) Click here order



Mat Pilates I - Application and Execution(DVD)


The goal of this course (3 hour videotaped workshop on DVD) is to teach pilates based matwork exercises that focus on strengthening and stabilizing the muscles in the lower back and abdominals. Participants will focus on proper form and technique of exercises as they apply to other types of fitness classes. It is not intended to take the place of the training required to teach pure pilates, but rather to allow fitness professionals to incorporate matwork movements into existing classes. These core training exercises can be used by everyone, and will enhance total body function by integrating the upper body with the lower body via the core musculature. 

Topics covered

  • Learn and understand core stabilization and how these concepts relate to fitness.

  • Learn proper form and execution of pilates based matwork exercises.

  • Understand modifications and precautions as related to special populations.

  • Identify and train the core muscles.

  • Learn how to incorporate exercises into existing fitness classes.

($39.00 includes 3 hr DVD) Click here order



Mat Pilates II - Sequencing and Transitions (DVD)


Mat Pilates II was developed for fitness professionals who want to teach a full length Mat Pilates class. The goal of the Mat Pilates II course (3 hour videotaped workshop on DVD) is application of the Pilates exercises learned in Mat I or other basic Pilates training, into a group or personal training session.  After completing Mat Pilates II, instructors will learn what’s involved in teaching a Pilates class from start to finish.


Topics covered

  • Review matwork exercises and modifications, matwork principles, Pilates terminology and anatomy

  • Learn ways to add new challenges to known Pilates exercises.

  • Learn how to progress from beginning to intermediate exercises.

  • Learn an appropriate warm-up for Mat exercises, how to sequence moves for smooth transitions, and how to close a class with release and relaxation work.

($39.00 includes 3 hr DVD) Click here order


Stability Ball Manuals by Doris St. Arnaud -3 Vol Set


Stability Ball Exercises
Includes over forty basic exercises performed with a Stability Ball to strengthen all muscle groups and improve physical balance. All exercises are illustrated in color and are presented with easy to read, easy to understand instructions. Provides all instructions needed for a safe and effective exercise program.

24 pages in color, over 60 pictures



    Stability Ball Exercises for a Healthy Back
Provides a complete exercise program performed with a Stability Ball to eliminate or to avoid lower back pain. Includes exercises to strengthen and stabilize core muscles, the deepest muscle layers in our body. These muscles are the key to good posture and are responsible for our ability to function in everyday life, in fitness activities and in sports. Each exercise is illustrated in color, is presented with clear instructions and is identified with an intensity level allowing training progress.

40 pages in color, over 100 pictures

Stability Ball Exercises with Weights
This manual includes over forty basic exercises performed with a Stability Ball and Weights. All exercises are illustrated in color and are presented with easy to read, easy to understand instructions. All you need for a complete and intense training!

32 pages in color, over 80 pictures

 ($30.00) Click here order



Pilates! More Than Exercise - Manual


      The Pilates! More than Exercise™ mat manual is used by many Pilates instructors, students and enthusiasts alike. It contains a breakdown of beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises, professional quality photographs with detailed explanations for each exercise, and information on preparing for the transition between exercises.

The manual provides you with verbal descriptions, photos of how each exercise starts and what the movement entails.  The photos provide a quick reference for body position.


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